Stephanie Rojas
Success Stories

Carolyn has been working with the providers at Health Partnership Clinic for more than 10 years—ever since she lost her employer-provided health insurance. “I was a private pay patient, and I was paying $185 or more for every visit,” she says. “My other provider was about to turn me away, when a staff member gave me information about the state’s Early Detection Works program, and they connected me with HPC.”

Her first visit was for an annual well-woman exam. Now she gets most of her medical and dental care here. She has made HPC her medical home. “The staff are friendly and competent. And they make you feel like you’re family – like you’re home.” She appreciates the income-based fees, the flexible scheduling and the quality of care. “It’s a small place, where you can get the same quality of care you would anywhere else. We just need to get the word out about it. There are so many people in the community who need what HPC has to offer.”

“The Health Partnership Dental Program provided onsite at my school has dramatically increased the number of children receiving dental care,” says Joy Boan, school nurse at Fairview Elementary School. Children whose parents are unable to take off work, can’t anticipate their work schedules to make appointments, have difficulty with the English language, or lack transportation or childcare have been conveniently able to access dental care at Fairview. “This program empowers children,” she adds. “The entire community is a much better place, and our future is brighter thanks to Health Partnership Clinic.”

“The people at Health Partnership Clinic are a godsend,” says Mike, a patient of both Medical and Behavioral Health services. He is not able to work, because he provides full-time care for his wife, who has multiple sclerosis. He lives with chronic pain and has been diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder. He takes 15 medicines. “I was a walking tornado when I walked in there,” Mike adds. “And they jumped right in to find a diagnosis and find the right medicines that could help me. I am doing a lot better now.”

Mike was skeptical about therapists, but he’s found “Dr. Maria” (Dr. Santiago Padin) reassuring. “She is a pure professional—always on her game, very happy and upbeat. When you are angry, you need that kind of professionalism. Her coaching and her therapy have stopped me from jumping out of the car and expressing my anger.”

“I have not met anyone at Health Partnership Clinic who doesn’t do an outstanding job—from when I walk in the door to when I walk out.”

Stephanie’s association with Health Partnership Clinic (HPC) goes deep. When she was a child, her mother had been debilitated by Lupus and found help at HPC. Later, when Stephanie became a dental assistant, she saw a job opening at HPC. “My mom reminded me of her experience at HPC. I knew I had to work there.” She and her children are patients, too. “Although my significant other and I live together, it’s tough to make ends meet,” she says. “I was able to qualify for the clinic’s sliding fee program—which made health care more affordable.”

Both her children have KanCare, thanks to the clinic’s enrollment coordinator, who helped with the paperwork. She and her children receive regular dental services, too. “Our dentist, Dr. Nader, treats patients like they were his own family members. His concern and focus on quality motivate me and my coworkers.”

As a busy mom of two and working full time, Stephanie also appreciates the Pediatric Walk-In Clinic. “It has been a lifesaver—more than once,” she says. “Thank you, HPC, for giving my mom a future, me hope and my children a grandma. Thank you, HPC, for allowing me the privilege to work with a great staff who make a difference every day. And, most importantly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to care for patients who need us—and count on us.”