Area High School Students Create an Animation Video for Health Partnership Clinic


Center for Academic Achievement - ClassroomThe 2D Animation Students at the Center for Academic Achievement recently partnered with Health Partnership Clinic to work on a Client Connected Project.

A Client Connected Project for the Shawnee Mission School District is one where students pair up to work on a real-world learning project to solve a problem in collaboration with a not-for-profit organization. Students benefit from this project by adding experience to their resumes, increasing their professional network, and using this as a potential steppingstone while building their careers.


The 2D Animation students to complete the group project were Owen Raile (Shawnee Mission East), Jadyn Freeman (Shawnee Mission Northwest), Milo Pflumm (Shawnee Mission Northwest),  Marcelo Moreno (Shawnee Mission South), Bethany Mongalo (Shawnee Mission West), and Teal Franklin (Shawnee Mission Northwest, not pictured.) Two more students also worked with the client on their own rather than on a group project. These two students were Boden Reardon (Shawnee Mission West, not pictured) and Kailyn Hammer (Shawnee Mission North, not pictured).

Instructor Enza Ketcham thought the experience was rewarding and will be looking to work with more clients in the future. The students were able to learn to work together and find ways to problem solve along with completing a very large project which included storyboarding, character design, delegating, post-production, and more! Senior Bethany Mongalo said, “I thought creating the ideas was difficult, but we overcame that. I enjoyed having to work with others on this and collaborating.”

Overall, the students ended up enjoying the project.

Center for Academic Achievement - Enza's StudentsSenior Marcelo Moreno mentioned, “I really enjoyed seeing everything be tied together and the end, and also being able to see my own work amongst everyone else’s.” Then continued by mentioning the challenge of working with a health care organization while being a high school student, “trying to make health care funky and cool to look at was interesting, to say the least.”

Catherine Rice, Vice President of Marketing and Outreach for Health Partnership, asked the students to create a video about how to become a patient at the clinic. After meeting with Health Partnership staff, students had the semester to work on it with periodic check-ins with Mrs. Ketcham and Ms. Rice. “This is our first animation video for the clinic, and we can’t wait to share it with our partners and community members who are seeking quality and affordable health care but unsure on how to access it,” she noted. “Throughout the project the students demonstrated creativity, great listening skills and enthusiasm. Our team at HPC is so grateful to these amazing students!”

Senior Jadyn Freeman summarized it greatly, “I found learning to work on a team to be both the most challenging and most rewarding. I’m so used to working by myself that it was weird to have to do more talking and planning. But, I needed up making some new friends and getting more comfortable with communicating concerns, criticisms and taking charge.”