COVID-19 Home Test Kits now available at all HPC locations

By Catherine Rice, Vice President of Marketing/Outreach

HPC has received its first shipment of FDA-authorized COVID-19 at-home self-test kits. The self-test kits are free and available for pick up at our clinic locations in Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Paola and Ottawa. There is a limit of two kits per family. Please plan to wear a mask upon entering the clinic. Kits can be picked up from a designated table in the lobby area or the Front Desk. The testing kit, which includes two tests, is intended for one person to be done 24 hours apart.

COVID-19 self-tests (also referred to as home tests or over-the-counter tests) are one of many risk-reduction measures, along with vaccination, masking and physical distancing, which protect you and others by reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19. The hope is that this testing program will be the pathway out of the pandemic.

Key Information to Know

The CDC offers the following tips:

  • Self-tests can be taken at home or anywhere, are easy to use, and produce rapid results. However, these are NOT monitored test that are typically needed for travel or pre-procedures. Home tests are not PCR tests. HPC will continue to test patients with appointments or if they require a monitored rapid or PCR test. Call the clinic of your choice to schedule an appointment.
  • You can use self-tests, regardless of vaccination status, or whether or not you have symptoms.

However, with these tests it is recommended to use the first test at the onset of symptoms and if there is a negative result, to retest in 24 hours.

  • Follow all manufacturer’s instructions for performing the test.
  • If you test positive, you should isolate and inform your healthcare provider, as well as any close contacts.
  • Consider using a self-test before joining indoor gatherings with others who are not in your household.
  • A positive self-test result means that the test detected the virus, and you are very likely to have an infection and should stay home or isolate for 10 days, wear a mask if you could have contact with others and avoid indoor gatherings to reduce the risk of spreading disease to someone else.
  • A negative self-test result means that the test did not detect the virus and you may not have an infection, but it does not rule out infection. Repeating the test within a few days, with at least 24 hours between tests, will increase the confidence that you are not infected.

HPC reaches out to community partners

In addition to the test kits for patients and community individuals, HPC is providing kits to several partners in Johnson, Miami and Franklin Counties. These community groups are sharing the kits with their clients and staff. A huge thank you to everyone who is helping with the coordination and delivery of the kits and getting them into the hands of the communities we serve.

To date, we’ve distributed more than 2,000 kits to the following organizations:

  • Franklin County Health Department
  • Growing Futures Early Education Center
  • Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (Olathe)
  • Kids TLC
  • Mission Southside
  • Project 10/20
  • Safehome
  • Shawnee Mission School District