Employee Spotlight: Heather McKinney

Employee Spotlight

We are very excited to highlight one of our most valuable assets, our employees! Each month, get to know the HPC team in a fun, new way.

Heather McKinneyName:  Heather McKinney

Department: Administration

Title: Development Director

Primary work location: Olathe

How long have you worked at HPC?  

I have worked at HPC for eight weeks.

How did you get into your field of work?

I was admittedly lost after leaving an engineering career, then I entered grad school and began volunteering and it all came together.

Do you speak any other languages? If yes, which ones?

I speak French with elementary/limited proficiency.

Do you have a favorite quote? If yes, what is it?

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” —Alfred Lord Tennyson—it’s the perfect tribute to my mom.

What values are important to you?

Heather McKinneyValues that are important to me are kindness, compassion, curiosity, peace, fairness, meaningful work, happiness, humor and fun.

What is something about you that would surprise people?

I take ballet classes, and we even have a recital in front of an audience!

What is on your “bucket” list?

I’d love to learn how to play the guitar.

What is your favorite food?

Watermelon is my favorite food.

What is your favorite movie?

“Gleason” – A documentary about a former NFL player who was diagnosed with ALS.

What is your favorite hobby?

Yoga is my favorite hobby.

Are you an animal lover?  If yes, how many pets do you have and what kind are they?

Yes! I have two dogs. Benny is an American Staffordshire Terrier, and Milly is an American Pitbull Terrier.