The Health Partnership Clinic Patient Portal.

Dr. Wael MouradBy Wael S. Mourad, MD, MHCM, FAAFP, Family Physician and Chief Health Officer, Health Partnership Clinic

Our patients are the center of what we do. That means it is important that we do our best to cater to their needs. And that means we need to understand our patients.

Today, any one of us can order just about anything from Amazon. We can go shopping by going online and having our groceries delivered to us. We live in an age of social media that allows us to know what anyone is doing at any time.

In order to best take care of our patients to their satisfaction, it is important for us to meet them where they are at. We are fortunate to have a wonderful tool to facilitate that care. That tool is our Patient Portal.

The Health Partnership Clinic Patient Portal

Patients can communicate directly with their providers, make medication requests and even give updates on how they are doing. They can provide what their blood pressure readings are, or what their diet was for that day. Even moral support can be provided. Just like with all other facets of our lives, medical care can literally be at our patients’ fingertips. And our patients are signing up!

Use our Patient Portal on your mobile phone.The medical profession is notorious for being slow to catch up to technological advances in society. In the case of the patient portal, it is important that we get just as excited for advances that will make our patients’ lives easier as much as those that make our lives easier as providers. For example, intra-operative anesthesia caught on in the medical community overnight, while hand washing took many, many years to catch on. Why? Intra-operative anesthesia made the surgeons’ practice easier, even though both were an enormous benefit to patients.

And so, let’s go with what works. Let’s go with what will help our patients.

If you are a Health Partnership patient, you can simply provide your email to a care team member, and we’ll set you up.  If you don’t have an email address, visit our front desk staff or call 913-648-2266. To learn more, visit