Top 10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

2020 New Years Health TipsEvery January, we get the symbolic chance to start over. This year let’s make it count. Even taking small steps can make a big difference.

Here are a few tips to make 2020 your best year yet!

  1. Subtract something from your life. Many people try to add things to their routines as part of their New Year’s resolutions, but you should think about what you might subtract or let go of from your life that is not serving you anymore. This could be spending less time watching mindless TV or simply cleaning out your closet and getting rid of things you don’t wear anymore. You can make a conscious decision not to overextend yourself with activities that are no longer enjoyable or make you feel anxious. It is okay to say no. By subtracting things from your life, you make room to add more meaningful things.
  1. Focus on people and your own wellness. Make human connections and be good to yourself. It is easy to get caught up in the business of day-to-day life and put off spending time with the people you care about. Relationships and good mental health have the most impact on our happiness. Make time for the ones you love.
  1. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, make quarterly resolutions. Focus on doing one new thing at a time in each quarter of the new year. Taking on too much all at once is a recipe for disaster.
  1. Make a conscious effort to unplug. We spend so much time attached to our email, phones and social media but studies show it is important to unplug. Unplugging helps with rest and recovery and allows us to reboot.
  1. Practice good sleep hygiene. You can start today by paying attention to the things that you eat and drink in the evening. Try to avoid caffeine late in the day. Avoid napping during the day and make sure you exercise and set a sleep schedule.
  1. 2020 New Years Health TipsTry deep breathing meditation. Get into a comfortable position and take a few minutes to breathe in slowly through your nose, hold your breath for two to three seconds and breath out slowly through your mouth. Let any thoughts that come to your mind drift away and enjoy the stillness. This can help if you are feeling anxious.
  1. Schedule yearly checkups or screenings. Find out what screenings you need and when. Take a step for your health this year by setting up an appointment. To make an appointment at HPC, please call 913-648-2266.
  1. Practice optimism. Make a choice to notice what you have and appreciate it. No matter the situation, how you perceive it is up to you.
  1. Practice gratitude. There are many benefits to practicing gratitude. People who routinely practice gratitude experience positive effects in many areas of their lives including physical, mental, emotional and social. Research suggests that practicing gratitude lowers stress and improves sleep.
  1. Volunteer! Becoming a volunteer will not only make an incredible impact on someone else’s life, it will impact your life. Volunteering adds meaning and purpose to our lives and helping others can lower your stress level. To learn more about becoming a volunteer at HPC, visit our website at