Olathe Mayor’s Children’s Fund Keeps Olathe Children Pain Free

By Catherine Rice, Vice President of Marketing/Outreach

Olathe Mayor’s Children’s Fund Keeps Olathe Children Pain FreeIn 2023, Health Partnership Clinic screened more than 1,950 students in the Olathe School District Title One elementary schools. Of those screened, the Dental Team detected more than 450 cavities, and 106 children had urgent dental needs. All were suffering with various degrees of pain—making it difficult to eat, play, study and sleep.

That was true for two cousins, age eight and nine years old, attending Fairview Elementary. Thanks to the school nurse, their needs were identified, and she quickly reached out for help to several organizations, including Health Partnership.

“When the boys visited our clinic, both were in severe dental pain,” remembers Christina Cook, RDH, ECP II, dental hygienist and outreach coordinator. “One student needed 15 teeth worked on including five extractions and the other student had 12 teeth in poor shape, eventually resulting in three extractions.” The treatment has been completed, and the boys are now pain free and enjoying their summer.

Olathe Mayor’s Children’s Fund Keeps Olathe Children Pain Free“This is a great example of how collaboration and teamwork benefit our children,” Cook notes. “The school nurse worked with our clinic and other area oral health professionals to ensure quality dental care was available and thanks to the generous donation of the Mayor’s Children’s Fund, there was access that was affordable.”

Health Partnership works with many area non-profits to help ensure the children of Olathe receive quality, affordable and accessible dental, medical and behavioral health care. To schedule an appointment, call 913-648-2266.

To learn more about the Olathe Mayor’s Christmas Fund, visit www.olatheks.gov.