Patients Matter at Health Partnership Clinic

Amy Falk

Amy Falk, CEO

Post written by Amy Falk, CEO 

Every year, nearly 15,000 patients walk through Health Partnership Clinic’s (HPC) doors seeking health services—medical, behavioral health and dental.

Many battle chronic diseases; others struggle with mental issues and yet others face challenges of homelessness, abuse, loss of a job or a myriad of other stressors.

It is our mission to provide quality care. That means we must always look at ways to improve care and do what’s right for our patients.

At HPC, we know that patients have the right to choose where to go for their health care, and we want to be their provider of choice—their medical home. That’s why patient satisfaction is a top priority at HPC.

How do we know if we are meeting our patients’ expectations? And doing it consistently?
The best way is to ask our patients. Last summer we revamped our survey tool as well as incorporated questions that are required from grant funders and our Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition program.

Our questions ranged from the registration process, phones and front desk check in to provider/support staff, billing/payment process and behavioral health services.

This spring, 5,443 patients, who received services between October-December 2017 and January-March 2018, received a survey (either in English or Spanish) request via email.

  • More than 600 responded, resulting in an 11 percent response rate, with a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of only four percent.
  • Besides the great response rate, overall, our satisfaction results were positive.

One of the key questions I pay special attention to is “How likely is it that you would recommend HPC to your friends and family?” Our English responders indicated 81 percent and our Spanish patients indicated 85 percent.

In addition, our team pays close attention to our patients’ overall experience related to our facility, billing/payment process and the care we provide.

I wanted to share a few of our English results:

Next Steps

We have teams of staff members from many different disciplines who are working to improve the services we provide to our community.

For instance, our Patient Experience Committee team is currently looking at communications related to delays and wait times. Another team is evaluating how we are are communicating our billing practices.

We appreciate the great feedback we received from our patients. This feedback, along with our dedicated staff, will help us continue to strengthen a culture of safety and quality at Health Partnership.

To see the full report, please contact Catherine Rice, VP of Marketing and Outreach, at 913-730-3680 or ext. 8031.