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May Brings Special Recognition to Nurses and Patient Services Representatives


By Debbie Sparks, Development and Marketing Manager

National Nurses Week is May 6-12.

In 1993, the American Nurses Association declared May 6-12 as the national week to celebrate and elevate the nursing profession. Each year the celebration ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale was an English social reformer and statistician and the founder of modern nursing.

This year’s theme for Nurses Week is “Nurses Make the Difference” to honor the varying roles of nurses and the positive impacts they make on our lives.

At HPC we celebrate the important roles that nurses play on the frontlines of the healthcare system. Special thanks to Hannah Carlisle, RN, Nurse Clinic Manager, and Crystal Ohanmu, LPN, for all that they do to support our patients, medical providers, medical assistants and other HPC team members.

Additionally, we would like to thank Mindy Beckwith, BSN, MSN, RN, Clinic Director and Risk/Compliance Officer, for overseeing the nursing department, refining workflows and leading the charge in patient safety.

Thank you, Hannah, Crystal and Mindy, for all of the good work you do to improve patient care at HPC!

Mindy Beckwith Crystal Ohanmu Hannah Carlisle

Patient Services Representatives Day/Receptionist Day is May 8

Since 1991, National Receptionist Day has been celebrated on the second Wednesday of May, this year falling on Wednesday, May 8. HPC would like to take this opportunity to recognize our Patient Services Representatives (PSRs) who fill the role of receptionist and so much more!

According to Mayra Bocanegra, Billing and Patient Services Manager, the PSR staff are the first people who interact with our patients when they walk through the door. They are the face of the clinic. It can be a tough job sometimes, but they are willing to do whatever is needed for our patients.

“We have faced many challenges over the past year, but our awesome team has stuck together,” Mayra says. “We recently implemented a new fee schedule, and everyone did an amazing job in communicating and supporting our patients.”

“My team always demonstrates a willingness to learn and to improve,” she adds. “We are finally fully staffed and have a strong team in place. I am grateful and look forward to working alongside them every day.”

Thank you to our wonderful team of PSRs: Crystal Albarran, Lisa Caldera, Jean Cast-Martin, Diana Flores, Rocio Gonzalez, Iliana Mejia, Karla Nunez, Cely Ortiz, Patricia Ortiz, Maria Pena, PSR Lead, and Ilse Salazar.

The PSRs are part of the Revenue Cycle Management team and work closely with Mayra; Perla Cardenas, Women’s Health Coordinator; Jorge Larriba, Dental Coordinator; Billie Reese-Turner, Director of Billing and Patient Services; Yesenia Salazar, Billing Coordinator; and Diana Zamora, Enrollment Specialist.

PSR Collage

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